too cool part two

With important movement toward democracy going on in Egypt, certain important rights being eroded here in the U.S.– for example, in Wisconsin right now, you may well have had more than enough discussion of whether I am cool or un.  But given the chronic-ness for many of us females to be pulled toward being self-deprecating, and the increased chronic-ness of this in women as we head toward (or pass, as in my case) 50– I feel compelled to set the record straight.  If I actually listen closely to my daughter maybe I’m not uncool at all.

First, I read my previous blog post aloud to my daughter.  I don’t usually do this and she isn’t usually interested, but for the sake of a laugh together, I read her the previous post, the one that says I am not cool.  Her response was, and I quote, “Mama, you are too cool.  You rock.  I love you.” She is a kind-hearted girl, so maybe she just felt badly for me, but she told me to post her words on my blog.  But the evidence of “not so uncool” continued.

Second of all, yesterday morning she got up and got dressed to go to school in her skinny jeggings (a current girl thing that is a cross between jeans and leggings) and the tee-shirt from the much-loved-in-our-household musical about which I have written, “In the Heights”.  As I was fumbling around to throw on some clothes to get her to school, she came and stood in my room and said, “Don’t you have the same tee-shirt?  Is yours clean?”  When I answered each question in the affirmative, she said “You wear yours.  And your dark jeans.  I want us to wear the same thing today.”  I complied.  And I admit she looked great and I looked pretty great, but the thing is she wasn’t primarily sprucing me up (which she certainly doesn’t hesitate to do when she thinks it necessary)– she just wanted to be dressed like her mama and for her mama to be dressed like her.

And third of all– and most importantly– she has been asking and last night we did it– to start her own blog.  Now that is a pretty hopeful thing for the mama who thinks her daughter thinks she is uncool and for the same mama of a daughter– the mom who worries that the daughter is a struggling reader and writer.  She wants to write.  Just like I want to write.  She wants to write!!  She thinks it is a cool thing to do, to blog.  She is now blogging.  Just like her mama!  Because she is nine, I will not allow the blog to be very public.  But she wrote her first post and there it sits.  How cool is that?  Way cool.

One response to “too cool part two

  1. love this!
    my eldest had a blog, although it’s kind of dormant: confessions of a bibliophile (i think it’s in my blogroll).
    second one kind of started one but didn’t really get going. maybe he says, next year for his 8th grad project, a cooking blog.

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