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Goodbye for now, Nicolet Bay, Lake Michigan, Sunset bike trail.

Thursday was our one most cloudy and foreboding day–outdoors and in mood as well.  That end-of-vacation-cranky-teary-everyone-is-annoying-everyone mood set in.  No one was happy.  Storm clouds threatened.  But I got beautiful pictures of the clouds across the lake and managed– before doing or saying more than I already had–that I’d regret– to get out with my partner for a bike ride.

Thursday, August 16, Clouds over Lake Michigan.

Friday was sunny and beautiful as was our Saturday drive back to my sister’s house before flying out Sunday.  Now we are home and I’ll soon leave for work.  I’ve said goodbye for now to my mom and sister and two nephews– to long days with my daughter & partner and to the little beach on the great lake called Michigan.

My daughter starts middle school in a week and my older nephew returns to university here in our town later this week.  I took many end- of -vacation photos but no homecoming pictures.  Homecoming is both comfortable and sad this time around– with some good things ahead and a sadness about heading away from so much time with people I love doing many things that are so good– like biking and being out in the beauty of woods and lake and being together.

Tuesday & Wednesday–August 14-15

The days are so full and the iPhone is so small–I can do just these short daily entries with photos. I won’t write what I’ve been thinking about my (still somewhat new) job from here or about big, important issues of our times some of which have unfolded here in Wisconsin during the time of this trip. I will say I have had a good chance to get much closer to my hard-working sweetheart– a very good thing.

There is a County park on the Lake Michigan side which is thick pine forest at the edge with a beautiful white/ grey flat rock outcropping into a deeper and often bluer section of the lake. It is wilder, rougher than the parts of the shore where most of our time has been spent.

Tuesday we all caravanned there stopping at a farmers market on the way. Tuesday night we said goodbye to my sister and nephews and yesterday was a quieter day, with a visit for my mom and me to a weaver’s small gallery, a mothers (partner and me) and daughter bike ride, a little beach time all together and a bike ride home from the beach as the sun was setting– for just my partner and me while daughter and her grandmother drove home and cooked. And then dinner– with beautiful organic vegetables and cheese and my daughter’s (she’s quite a baker) cornbread. Forgive me if photos are out of order– still figuring out this WordPress iPhone application.










Lake Michigan study, August 14.

I wake up at about 5:00 or 5:30 a.m. each morning as it gets light. I can fall back to sleep but the view of the water out the window is like this– though sometimes it is pinker than today. I love this time of morning while the rest of the household is asleep and soon I will sleep again too. But first I get this early morning view.


Lake Michigan, August 9th & 10th

I love Lake Michigan. I won’t say a lot about it– at least not now. But it is a gorgeous body of water, and an early and continuing center of gravity for me.

The house we’re renting is right on the lake–on Green Bay actually– with the lake on the other side of the peninsula. Yesterday was cool and overcast– but unmistakably a summer day. Today it feels like an early fall day as whitecaps come across the lake. The first two images are from yesterday, the last from today.




Vacation. With iPhone.

We are on day five of our 2012 vacation and day three of our 2012 Door County, Wisconsin adventure. I am trying WordPress posting from my iPhone for the very first time. And though it’s a cool thing to be able to do– my note to self and to you is that in general being in a place like this (so beautiful,no work and time with my daughter, partner & mother)– spent on iPhone and not just looking, looking, playing and enjoying is wrong… Nonetheless here are scenes from days one, two and three– today.