me, laura, and daughter

I am a Jewish woman, writer, mother, daughter, sister, friend and partner of a woman who has been my partner for 20 + years.  Our daughter came to us by adoption as a newborn (12 days old) and made us (and both of our families of origin) a mixed race family.  I love young people, writing, reading, poetry and dialogue to name a few things.

Being the mother of my daughter is by far the most interesting project of my life so far, and keeps us busy with many things I wouldn’t have done otherwise.  I grew up during the black civil rights movement in the US and was profoundly influenced by that time and the work and words of that movement’s great leaders– so race and ending racism has been on my mind for a long time.  But it is from the vantage point of being the mother of my Chicana daughter that I have done new thinking about race and racism, adoption, young people, lesbian families and many other things.  I love to write.  Writing and poetry have played a critically important role in my life– my own work and others’ work.  This is my return to writing after a long dry spell.  I’d love to hear from you.  You can email me at:

laurawrites1 at verizon dot net

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