Far from Home

When I lost my job I became a younger person in some ways.  (Well not really, but read on.)  I started wearing jeans a lot more of the time, I walked to and from my daughter’s school the way I had walked all kinds of places with her as a mother earlier in her life.  I bought a laptop that I had been planning for since before I lost my job.  I pictured myself like all the younger adults in my world; blogging on the run; in coffee shops and other locations in which we see people working away on their laptops and other devices.  It hasn’t really worked that way.  I need a certain mental space to write and I end up doing that best at home.  I do other work on the laptop away from home, but I rarely write a blog entry other than from my dining room or guest room which doubles as a study.

Nonetheless I write this from an airport, far from home.  I am away from my east coast home– without family, in Seattle waiting to board a red-eye (yech) to get me home Saturday morning.  I meant to post something about this trip sooner, but didn’t find the time and space.  Other than when my father died, it is the longest I have ever been away from my daughter, since we became family on the 12th day of her life.  It was a very big deal to decide to be away that long– though it was an amazing week.   When I return home I will sit at my table in a quiet house and try to write about what I have done this week, but I wanted to check in out there and tell you that I’ve been on an adventure.  Far from home.


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