Home again

Well, I thought I would write and post on this blog while I was away.  But I see I did not.  We returned last night.  Vacation– well great– and not so much.  I was terribly sick, still am.  Two days of antibiotics that were prescribed at an urgent care center haven’t completely cleared this up.  I also seem to have sprained my ankle, quite mysteriously– I do not remember injuring it but here it is, barely walkable.   My partner was sick too– really sick and is still.  I am at work and she is home today, hopefully taking care of herself.   So that’s the bad news. 

But still there was the ocean which is really an amazing thing to get to be near– my daughter and her brother running in the waves, playing hard.  At home together, liking and loving each other, getting down to the spots where they don’t like each other so much, or rather where it feels that way in the moment.  But we did well.  Our last evening together we went to the beach– and it was all blueish lavender.  Really.  The sky, light blue/ pale lavender with a slim line of pink, the deep, dark water reflecting sky, so that even the water seemed a light blueish lavender, even the sand seemed that pale blue color.  I miss Lake Michigan which figured so prominently in my growing up.  I hope I will live nearer a big body of water like that again in my lifetime.  It is endlessly beautiful and also endlessly interesting, changing.  And I loved being around my daughter and her brother.  Loved being with my partner and not being in such a hurry all the time.  Loved being with daughter’s brother’s two moms too.  Loved the first nights before I started coughing when I got long, long night’s sleep each night. 

So there we all were, all 6 of us and all the interesting things we all 6 of us get to do and figure out together.  I do not like being back in the grind, not particularly.  I do not like having no food in the fridge.  But I hope (and I can probably make it so) the beach bag will linger in the front hall awhile.  I hope I will open things up as I empty our suitcases and that there will be little gritty piles of sand on the floor to remind me where I’ve been and what it is like to go slow.   I will keep a few things out of the wash so that I have that sunny, sun lotion smell a little longer before fall and going back to school and all that.

Sick means I am too tired to try to write the greater meanings or even the greater questions I had.  But soon.

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