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music. joy. Ashanti Floyd

I’ve been sick. Bad sinus infection, bad, bad cough, asthma and laryngitis– voiceless for days. I whisper. I’m fine, I’m healing. My two girls at home and others have actually taken very good care of me, but nonetheless this particular version of sick, with many hours spent awake and coughing at night, means a lot of time alone. Tired. My sister had a surgery yesterday, her third in less than a year, for a problem which has recurred and which I hope will continue to be benign and which I hope will resolve altogether. Soon. So I have had her on my mind a lot and my wish for her health and longevity, how much I depend on her and want the best for her.

I’ve always loved music; and the music I love reaches in deep — birth, death, time passing, fighting for what is right, the depths of connection to the people I know and love, and the connection to the beautiful, vast, interesting, busy, heartbreaking, good world. I often love people who make music. It’s such a pro-human, pro-living, pro-world thing to do.

Last night as my daughter was going to sleep we (in this new kind of world, instead of reading together) pulled her iTouch over with us as she sat in bed, talking to me. She played me a few songs she’s been listening to and though I often like her taste, they didn’t do it for me at all. When she drifted off I searched on the few words I could remember of the now very popular song, Wake Me Up by Avicii (an artist I had never heard of until I searched the song) and found it immediately. I listened to it two or three times. Then I found this cover which is jaw-dropping joyful, alive, hopeful to listen to and to watch.