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Adoption Nation– another look, keep reading.

I have posted my review, and walked to the post office in the gray drizzling rain this morning to send off the two free books to my two readers who won the lottery for the books.  It was very satisfying to read Adoption Nation, and write the review.  And something about mailing out the two books was especially satisfying.  I put my mind back on my writing and posted a shorter piece this morning about my perspective on my daughter’s emerging perspective on the world.

With all that done, I turned my attention to reading some of my favorite bloggers again. I see that over at Mama C and the Boys there is another review of Adoption Nation, which includes an interview with the author, Adam Pertman. I was glad to see the review, liked the Q & A (they offered this to me too and I wanted to do it, but couldn’t get that set with the publicist) and wanted to let you all know it is out there, if you are interested.  Thanks, Mama C. for the thoughtful questions and the insightful review.  I, like you, was amazed in particular, by the scope of the book.