Crush– new crush on a not-new movie. Begin Again

I get crushes.  I always have. Life with a partner and daughter and just being older– haven’t stopped me.  I get crushes on people sometimes, but I also get crushes on art, music, poems, bands, movies. I think perhaps the definition of a crush in our isolated, too-cool, too-fast society is “not being numb”. Being openly, sometimes wildly, enthusiastic about someone or something. Whatever you call it I still get interested in something or someone and I want more, want to hear that song over and over and over, introduce it to my friends and learn everything there is to know about the singer. It goes something like that.

This list is not even close to exhaustive, but I had a huge crush on two Paul Simon albums many years apart; There Goes Rhymin Simon and Graceland both of which still sound fresh and alive to me. I once saw Whoopi Goldberg in an admittedly 3rd rate comedy-mystery, Jumpin Jack Flash, five times over the course of about four days because she was just so freaking great. (Yes, that means I saw the movie twice on one day.)

As a working parent who since the birth of my daughter, has prioritized other things over going out on a Saturday night to catch a movie and loved our Saturday nights with kids doing talent shows, sleepovers and other things, I’m generally at least a year or many behind on my movie-watching.  Thus my movie crushes are always late and out of synch with most who loved a movie. I currently have a huge movie crush on Begin Again— released in 2013.

I don’t have the time right now to check my own blog to see if I blogged about the movie, Once, but I assume I did. More than once. About a year or so ago, my sister told me John Carney (Irish filmmaker who did Once) had made Begin Again. Begin Again is less low-budget and it features actors you’ve heard of. (I am not suggesting that actors you’ve heard of are or could be better than Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova of Once— they were both fabulous and gave nuanced, interesting performances, as well as being amazing musicians).

Because of the great capitalist progress in the world, my beloved and reliable last and final video store hold-out closed about a year or so ago. It’s a terrible loss and our whole family has suffered as a result of giving up our tradition of going to the video rental place on a Friday, renting a half dozen movies and getting to sit down together to watch throughout a weekend. I got Netflix but it barely rises to the level of a really lousy substitute for our former great, local, independent video store. You cannot browse the shelves and there is no one with a great, arty eye finding cool things and displaying them prominently.

Because of this turn of events I was completely thrilled when I found Begin Again on the sale shelf ($6.99) of the Main Street Market grocery store in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. There began, based on what I think was my sister’s movie crush, my own new movie crush. I won’t say what I love about the movie though I may in a subsequent post– but you watch it.  And then consider watching it again. Or don’t, because after all it is my movie crush and if you want, you can write and tell me about yours.

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