Most. Beautiful. Vespa. Ever.

Most. Beautiful. Vespa. Ever. I suppose none of you who knows me ever expected to hear that from me–but feast your eyes. There is something about the drudgery that set in with my earliest school days that makes me love being somewhere out of my routine. In that out-of-routine way, I often loved being at home, sitting, quiet and alone at the dining room table, working, or driving somewhere in the middle of the day– during the time I was unemployed. I really love being out walking on the street during the workday, to a doctor appointment or to come home for the plumber or electrician. A few weeks ago, I came out of a doctor’s appointment, rushing to get back to work. It was overcast and starting to drizzle. But walking east on a main artery in our city, I saw this Vespa, locked up on the sidewalk. I stopped in my tracks, and looked. I looked closely. Then I walked on. As I waited for the light to change at the corner, I thought it was starting to rain harder, but I had to double back to take pictures. Being out in the air during the workday is good and is doubly good if you come upon something so beautiful as this. I left a note wondering, who thought of this? Who did this amazing work? It’s good to live in a world where someone thought of such a thing. And did it. Thanks to whoever you are, for the traveling art.




2 responses to “Most. Beautiful. Vespa. Ever.

  1. Beautiful, Laura! Thank you for sharing.
    (I want a vespa)

  2. That is one beautiful Vespa. Was it painted by hand?

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