Daily Archives: August 20, 2012

Goodbye for now, Nicolet Bay, Lake Michigan, Sunset bike trail.

Thursday was our one most cloudy and foreboding day–outdoors and in mood as well.  That end-of-vacation-cranky-teary-everyone-is-annoying-everyone mood set in.  No one was happy.  Storm clouds threatened.  But I got beautiful pictures of the clouds across the lake and managed– before doing or saying more than I already had–that I’d regret– to get out with my partner for a bike ride.

Thursday, August 16, Clouds over Lake Michigan.

Friday was sunny and beautiful as was our Saturday drive back to my sister’s house before flying out Sunday.  Now we are home and I’ll soon leave for work.  I’ve said goodbye for now to my mom and sister and two nephews– to long days with my daughter & partner and to the little beach on the great lake called Michigan.

My daughter starts middle school in a week and my older nephew returns to university here in our town later this week.  I took many end- of -vacation photos but no homecoming pictures.  Homecoming is both comfortable and sad this time around– with some good things ahead and a sadness about heading away from so much time with people I love doing many things that are so good– like biking and being out in the beauty of woods and lake and being together.