Daily Archives: March 22, 2012

A Moment, or many moments, of Silence and then let us be noisy

I am not in a position to write at all fully about what is on my mind.  But tonight I am thinking about this world, and about those lost recently– because of racism, anti-Jewish oppression and the violence perpetrated that leads to more violence in the world around us.  Trayvon Martin; our lost Jewish, French father–Jonathan Sandler and his two young sons, and the eight year old Jewish girl who died in a shooting at a Jewish School in Toulouse, France, Tuesday.  I am also thinking about the Afghan civilian men, women and children who have not been named in the Western media– but who all do have names and who have mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and people who love them.  The 16 who died, it seems, by the hand of Sgt. Robert Bales.  And I am thinking about Robert Bales and his wife and child and the destruction of his life and that of his family too.

I will write more too, but you should start by heading over to Mama C and looking at her beautiful son, Sam and read what she has to say.  What I know is that we all need a moment of silence, or many.  And we all, it seems clear, need to cry and tremble and hold people close and then we need to go out wherever we go and to make some noise, a lot of noise against violence, against racism, against anti-Jewish oppression and against all things– large and also the seemingly small, that divide us from one another.