Leap year day

It’s Leap year day.  I really don’t remember the last one–my daughter was 6 1/2 for that one, and here it is again.  I like this extra.  It’s the only commodity I really want these days.  More time.  The job I am doing is interesting, engaging, funny, fun.  But all I want is more time.  More time to write, more time to exercise, much,much, much more time to be with my daughter and her friends, at her school and with my partner and even, more time to sleep.  I think we should have the day off for Leap year day, and most businesses and all stores should be closed– but parks and gyms and bike paths and bakeries and sushi joints and delicious little sandwich shops and coffee shops and ice cream shops should be open.  But that will have to be an organizing effort for another day or time.  Happy Leap Year day.

I don’t know how long a blog lives.  And since this one has been going for two years now– just a little bit over, it will be six years old if it lives to see another leap year.  I hope this blog will live to be six years old and see another leap year, but it’s possible not.  So happy first leap year day of this blog and happy leap year day to you again, just in case.

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