Daily Archives: January 6, 2012

Nikki Yanofsky rocks the Beatles

It is almost exactly one year ago that I discovered (for myself) and posted about Nikki Yanofsky— a young Canadian, Jewish woman, who is a remarkable singer.  I especially love her interpretations–as a young, Jewish woman, of songs I associate with my life at her age.  I like that thread of connection.  Yesterday my daughter and I were again trolling around YouTube and I found these. She covers two Beatles songs.  I’m loving and appreciating the Beatles as much as ever– more than ever– which is to say a lot– these days.  My daughter’s school does a “Peace Concert” in the winter and I cried a little this year when they sang “Imagine”.  I laughed too– I hope John Lennon was laughing too– right along with me.  All the controversy surrounding around him and Yoko Ono back then– about nudity and the not- so- subtle subtext about a mixed race relationship and their different ages– not to mention their anti-war views.  Now his songs are the stuff of public elementary school assemblies.  Which is as it should be.

Nikki Yanofsky does something marvelous with each of these songs.  And to the first, song, my daughter, who doesn’t know the original songs, said simply, “I love her dress”. So do I.  And I didn’t argue with her, but I knew– it’s not really the dress– it’s her; her voice, presence, energy, spirit. She is what/who makes the dress look great.  So here’s my January 2012 toast to music and songs, the Beatles and young Jewish women.  Enjoy.