Sampler; Week of November 28 and Happy Birthday

Today is my wonderful partner’s birthday.  We have an unbelievable number of very usual, and very important things to manage this week and the past few.  Lots of schoolwork for my daughter, a school play, lines to learn (my daughter’s) and complicated costumes to pull together– the play happened yesterday.  (My daughter played President James K. Polk.  She was absolutely awesome, awesome I tell you!)

Daughter-- as President Polk, up front on darkened stage. November 30, 2011

My partner’s mother who is 87 had knee surgery earlier this month after one false start and setback last and my partner has returned home and her mother has been in a rehab facility in her home state of Indiana for the past two weeks. Now my partner has a boatload of work to do– talking to social workers and home care providers to arrange her mother’s discharge and return to her own home.   Today.

Monday night and then again last night after the school play we skipped Hebrew school to spend time with our friend/ partly-a-daughter F. (I’ve written about her.  She lived with us for a year when she was 18 and was having a tough time in life, a very tough time.)  She is like a daughter to us and pulled through those hard times.  She and her husband and baby were visiting from their home in England and we all stayed up way too late visiting them after the play yesterday.  Too late to wake up rested, but what’s a pair of mothers and a daughter-auntie to do but visit?  Which of course, we wanted.

We’re in the thick of getting ready for a trip for which we leave tomorrow morning and the trip involves some complex planning o make it all work this weekend and oh did I mention that I am helping my own mother with some very detailed, time-consuming paperwork, co-hosting a political fundraiser tonight at which I was asked to introduce Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin who is running for the Senate in Wisconsin, 2012?  And that I have a pile of laundry the size of a VW bug to do?  There are other issues, real issues, about how my daughter really wants, on a regular basis, not to go to school but that deserves its own post.

It’s interesting, all of it.  And good things are happening amidst the hard.  But I wouldn’t say it’s going easily.   I mean it’s not just all good-natured- laughing- cheery- too-busy.

It’s not smooth sailing here lately.  And it wasn’t this morning, that’s for sure.  But we did start with birthday presents, birthday wishes and oatmeal.  For my girl– my partner– my daughter’s beloved mommy.  With candles.

Happy Birthday oatmeal. December 1, 2011

The girl and the birthday girl.

And to my dear, good partner– my sweetheart, I say this;  Wait ’til next week or maybe the next when I have time to catch my breath and I’ll probably write you a post about at least 10 things that I absolutely love about you for all to read.  They’re all right there in my mind, and right on the tip of my tongue but I don’t have time to say.  In the meantime, I love you.  xo

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