Monday and Tuesday, Nova Scotia

Yesterday.  On the way to an historic farm museum in Chester, Nova Scotia, CA– we stopped at Bike and Bean– a coffee shop, bakery, bike shop– all in an old train depot. I loved it there.  We ate our little panini’s and drank our cappucinos and walked back and forth between the three miniature-sized rooms of the train depot turned coffee shop.  I do love being out of the US and out of the heat too.  I don’t care if it is raining.  I didn’t care yesterday as it rained quite a bit.  We drove.  And drove.  And the roads are narrow and you can’t get places very fast.  All ok too, better than ok.

My daughter is a trooper even though there are no other young people around and no one really gets in there and plays with her– other than my partner and me, and we run out of rope too fast.  And I do take note that in these northern places we have chosen for vacations recently, she is often the only person of color around, which I know isn’t easy.

Today, Micou Island.  A small island– a tiny island, 15 minutes drive from here.  Micou is like a floating park, just off the shoreline.  It can be walked to at low tide when a sand bar juts up just enough to walk across.  On the small island there is a house and a trail– which runs roughly the perimeter of the island and which we all walked today in about 45 minutes.  My mother with a walking stick Karen had loaned her.   Then pictures were taken, then home and lunch, then a ride to Peggy’s Cove– the tiny commercial strip with tourist things gifty, things coffee, ice creamy things.  Two galleries, one of which displays the work of Karen, our host here– and at the end of the walk, a lighthouse perched out on huge spectacular rock formation.  I left the camera behind for the Peggy’s Cove part today and forgot to take pictures at Bike and Bean yesterday.  So you have here the Ross Farm adventure from yesterday and Micou’s Island today.

Daughter and her grandmother at the Ross Farm.

Nova Scotia Barn, circa 1875.

My daughter walking across the sand bar to Micou’s Island today, 8/9/11.

My mother, looking out as she hikes some steep terrain. Micou's Island.

The view from the sandbar to Micou's Island.

My mom and me.

2 responses to “Monday and Tuesday, Nova Scotia

  1. GREAT to see the pictures. Loved seeing you and your Mama!

    OK so reading your comment about the whiteness around you–made me think we should start a transracial parent travel agency! Locate amazing destinations around the globe where our kids would always feel seen? That would be cool huh?

    • In addition to the idea of finding cool, not-all-white places to travel we could also be an agency (my togetherness theme) to pair or group transracial families traveling to less diverse places so that we and our children could travel as a pack– and there would always be other people of color around– us and our families… Whaddya think?

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