Nova Scotia, Sunday August 7

We flew Saturday to Nova Scotia where my mother’s first cousin-my cousin too–and his wife have lived for almost ten years.  Because of the far-flung-ness of modern life, children born, a father ill and then died and all the many things of a life, but no bad feeling at all– we haven’t seen this part of our family in 25 years.  I arranged this reunion– and got my family here– happy to leave our hot east coast city to be with family, near the water, in Canada, on the water and on vacation.  I wanted to see this part of my family, wanted them to meet my daughter and her to meet them, and wanted to see Nova Scotia.  I wanted my mother to get to see her cousin again.  My mother arrived Saturday night at midnight.  Yesterday was our first day in this gorgeous place.  My daughter’s and partner’s first time meeting my cousins here.

Glad to have arranged my mother’s reunion with her cousin.  L and K have a big home, a huge garden, a little guest house, a big dog and a barn building that is a studio.  I will post pictures even without time to write much.

My mother, with daughter, K and partner M in the background. Touring the vegetable garden this morning.


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