This is Jimmy.  (Maybe a new friend-ish type person– we’ll see if we keep in touch given the age difference and context for our meeting…)  He’s my Apple One to One trainer from Saturday.  I do not want this to turn into a big Apple ad– but we’ll see how I do.  I’ve been wanting to spruce up this blog a little bit.  I’ve actually had a big sort of “spruce it up” jones operating on many fronts; cleaning stuff out of the house, going to the gym to spruce up my health and my energy and strength; a shorter haircut, and other things too.

When I bought my Macbook Pro last year I also bought a One to One package.  One to One provides an unlimited number of training sessions scheduled by you (me in this case) at the beautiful, white, airy modern Apple stores.  (A friend who took me out for a walk around her New York neighborhood at Christmas time last year, walked me by Lincoln Center– all lit up and wintry gorgeous and then past their own Upper West Side huge white store, pointed and said “and there it is– Temple Beth Apple”).  The sessions are with their employees who are tutors? advisers?  No, I think they call them trainers.  It is not a bad thing to get some help to actually try to learn to use all this technology we buy and are surrounded with.   I’ve gone quite a few times now.  Some of my trainers have been better than others.  Some have been on the condescending side, and of course given some things about Apple– the appeal of the technology, the advertising, but also the cost–most of the trainers are under 30 and most of the trainees are like me– well over 30.  On the whole they’ve been pretty nice, and some have been better and some less well equipped to answer my questions.

Saturday I was signed up for a two-hour “personal projects” session.  I just wanted to go talk to someone about some things about this blog.  Like how to get photos on here more easily.  Like what would I do with the blog if I could get photos on very easily.  And are there other ways to make it visually more interesting?  I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but I wanted to actually engage with a real person and to have another mind to bounce things off of and to learn things even if I didn’t quite know what questions to ask.

Jimmy was the perfect trainer but more than that, he is a very interesting and interested guy and we talked about some real and interesting things.  Besides working for Apple, he is filmmaker and hip hop dancer who wants to make films about dance and dancers– and I think he plans to dance in those films too.  He told me about how he got interested in film and hip hop and we watched his favorite Michael Jackson video.

When I told him what I wanted from my session, he asked me what my blog was about and I could see he was interested when I told him I write about a lot of different things, but the thing foremost in my mind always is about ending racism, the racism I am party to and that my child faces.  I told him I am a white mom of a daughter of color and he asked me about my daughter’s heritage.  I asked him about his.  I told him my daughter is Chicana and it turns out his mother is mixed heritage Chicana and Japanese and is from El Paso, just like my daughter.  And his father Caribbean/ West Indian, African, Cherokee, Haitian and…(I think I hit some of the highlights of his heritage, but I hope he will forgive me if I messed it up.)  Unlike the way race often goes in this world– the unspoken thing, at least when one is white and the other not– we got that right out on the table and I think it let us like each other more openly as we went to work.  For the rest of my hour and half– he asked me questions and I showed him some of the problems I have with getting photos on here and he came up with different ideas and kind of ran all around and let me try out different things– an iPad, and a few other things.  And most of all, he was interested in what I was doing and he shared some interesting things about his interests in life.  At the end he asked me for my blog link which always means a lot to me.  I asked him which pictures I could post here and he and I did a little editing together.  I hope that one of these days I’ll post the YouTube link to his newest film or his latest hip hop dance.  We’ll see if I succeed in making the blog a little bit less text-heavy in the coming months and if so, to what end.  Thanks, Jimmy.

Pretending to be working, for the iPad photo shoot by another Apple employee. Earlier and later we really were working.

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