Daily Archives: July 25, 2011


I don’t mean it as in “she’s hot” or “it’s the hottest new thing”. I mean it’s hot. Sometimes the weather really is the biggest news. I don’t do so well with the heat and I should have a pithy report of something, but I don’t really. Did I say I don’t do so well with the heat?

The day before yesterday, they said the high was going to be 104 F in my city. I drive a 3 year old Toyota Prius and when you turn it on, it gives an outdoor temperature reading. Usually if they say it will be 100 F– my car thermometer reads 98 or 97 or even 96. On Friday I started the car in the late afternoon and the thermometer read, yes, really, it read 107 F. Our weekend was hot, sweaty and slow-moving. The dishwasher is full of large cups, very few plates and no pots or pans because no cooking is happening.  Enough said. More on many other things. Soon.