Daily Archives: May 21, 2011


My daughter turned 10 yesterday.  To borrow a tradition from another mama blogger whose work I know and love, I offer pictures and just 10 of the many reasons I love this girl.

Working on the popcorn science project, May 2011

Playing hard-- or when the real fun started at the birthday party last night. May 20, 2011

10th Birthday, May 20, 2011

1.  Your easy, warm, generous laugh.

2.  Your terrific work on your science project this year– which pops the most kernels; popcorn that was frozen or popcorn stored at room temperature?

3.  Your playfulness, particularly the fact that you will go toe-to-toe to wrestle, run, rough-house with anyone your own size or bigger.

4.  The interesting stories you tell.

5.  How much you love people and how well.

6.  The fact that your younger brother called yesterday to wish you a happy birthday and you told me that you told him that “it wouldn’t be the best birthday ever without talking to my brother!”

7.  How many things interest you; dogs, fashion, cooking and baking, people from all over the world, the woodpecker in our neighborhood, gardening, art and drawing and making things, and a list longer than I can possibly begin to write here.

8.  Your fairness and generosity.

9.  That you are fierce and that you are a peacemaker– both.

10.  That you are mine and your Mommy’s.

I love you, my girl.  I love that you are exactly the girl you are, who feels so much and loves people so generously and well.  I love your excellent mind and your many talents, for your great humor, your good cooking and your big, big heart. My life is bigger, more interesting and connected, sweeter, smarter and better than it was before you were born and came to us.  Happy Birthday and I wish you a great and interesting and fun year ahead.