Technical difficulties– mine

I’ve been absent from here even since I have returned home.  This is now old news but I must recount.  I managed two cross country trips (to SF and back) packed as they now pack us in, like sardines on airplanes.  I made the shorter trip from Chicago back home to the East coast. In San Francisco I alternated sleeping on one of two not-too-good-for-my-back mattresses at my friends’ home (I am definitely not complaining about the accommodations; I love to stay with them and would take another uncomfortable- mattress-night any time for another day or evening together).  I went with my friend to two spinning classes at her YWCA (which I had never done before), and we visited overnight at two different places in Chicago where I managed all the hauling in and packing up of luggage.

My back, which sometimes goes into spasm– held up beautifully.  We flew in and arrived at the airport at home at midnight and had a long ride both to long-term parking and then home.  When we pulled into our parking space at the rear of our building at 1:00 a.m. my partner suggested we leave all luggage in the trunk until morning and I said, no I needed my suitcase and to do a little settling in early in the morning.  I hauled my suitcase up our three flights and promptly wrenched my back badly.

My partner had the grace to never say “I told you so” over the ensuing three days of disability and I had the grace to admit several times to several people that she had told me so.  By now, a week and two chiropractor appointments later, my back has returned to good health.  But a shoulder– sore since February is getting worse.  So I’ve been trying, hard as it is, to stay off the computer and see what that does.  These are my technical difficulties.  Bear with me.  Keep reading.  I will get back to this work soon.  Sore shoulder or no sore shoulder.

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