When you’re sick, bring the sun inside…

While there are important, historic events moving along in the world outside, we are still inside, getting over our winter colds/flu/– mine, my doctor named bronchitis– something I’ve not had for a long time.  We’re getting better, but we’re not there yet.  Still, stay tuned.  Yesterday was a remarkable day with my daughter– really because we were home sick together.  Because things moved slow.  Because we had no place to be.  In the meantime here are all the forms of sunshine I could find to pull inside.  I picked up the items below on a very short grocery stop after my visit to the doctor the other day.  And my two girls. 

Oranges, tulips and some Emergen-C to carry us through. February, 2011

My girls, in pretty good spirits considering.... February, 2011

3 responses to “When you’re sick, bring the sun inside…

  1. I hope you are feeling better but i am happy that you had the day you all had.

  2. flowers really do carry healing power; so do those girls. gorgeous.

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