Young Jewish women rock; Nikki Yanofsky

My daughter and I spend a fair amount of time trolling around YouTube together.  It is an alternative to television with no ads, and we’re more involved watching it and deciding what to watch next, than you are with TV.  When we find something really good we drag my partner in to watch too and we all have a great time.  One thing led to another and we came across first this– a song/dance segment from the kids show, Electric Company:  “Electric City”, with Wyclef Jean and a young woman we’d never heard of.  

We like Wyclef Jean and thought the young woman who sings and dances with him was something special and looked for more of her.  Turns out her name is Nikki Yanofsky.  She’s 16, Jewish, Canadian and an unbelievable jazz singer.  We have been listening for days and not only I, but my daughter seems to love it that she has an amazing voice and is a very young Jewish woman. She’s not an unknown– she sang before about a billion people at the Vancouver Olympics, but so far it seems that the big commercial interests haven’t co-opted her.  Take a look.   The YouTube video of her singing Billie Holiday’s “God Bless the Child” is from when she was 14.  The depth of her voice and of her rendition of that song is really something.  Go Jewish girls!  Go young women!

And here is one more– a sweet interview with a British tv show–Nikki Yanofsky on Balcony TV, London.  Listen for the fire engine sirens in the background…  And remember it’s best if you get up and dance!


One response to “Young Jewish women rock; Nikki Yanofsky

  1. Jesse Markowitz

    I work in Nikki’s management office, and this came up on our Google alert.

    Thanks for your support! We are especially happy to know that younger people are getting into Nikki’s music.



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