Update/ Houskeeping

Note to myself– I need to go back and add tags to many of my entries.  In the early morning hours of January 2, I received an interesting, no doubt computer generated WordPress summary email– showing me how many entries, how many comments and what searches have led readers to me over the past year.  I must admit that as I approach the first anniversary of my first blog post, I am thinking about this and other blogs.

It is percolating slowly and quietly in my own mind, but I know I want to do more writing this year and I am hoping for a bigger readership too.  So I am thinking about what are the technical improvements needed, while at the same time committed to a focus on writing, not on something that looks like a marketer made it.  I need to make the blog– perhaps– prettier, better looking.  I want to add many more links than I have here on my sidebar blogroll.  I look to and learn from and feel a connection to so many bloggers and I want it to be easier for you to find them too.

Clarifying that there is just some heavy baggage for me about New Year’s Day– I woke up early Sunday morning, the day after New Year’s Day which had felt bleak and enormously sad– with an enormous burst of happy energy.  My daughter was gone at her second sleepover in three days (a first for us– two in three days) and my dear partner was still snoozing comfortably in a warm bed.  I was organizing, writing, emailing, sorting and cleaning up the kitchen.  Happily.  I was hopeful and busy and happy for the new day in a new year.  I paid for renewals for my own and my sister’s New Yorker subscriptions.  I’ve been buying it for her for several years now and thought it a no longer exciting gift– but as I said to her, it is a lousy substitute, but the closest thing I can figure out to a book club for her and for me– we’re more likely to read and talk about the same thing this way.

In keeping with the housekeeping theme– both here and related to my own New Year’s Day recommendations– I can report that today is day three of no sugar consumption.  It’s hard for this self-proclaimed salt-and-fat girl.  I will say that if this is to be good for me, it will be interesting.  But easy, it is not.  Do I want that piece of sugary soft candy that I love every day right now?  I do.  Have I stopped craving it or seen that my life is better without it.  Well no, not yet.  We’ll see where it leads and I do not promise to keep reporting in– too boring, but I thought I would let you know that I am trying out one of my own recommendations.

On the less mundane, I was also so happy to get Sarah B’s comment on my New Year’s recommendations.  She adds that it is good to make and have friends of different ages.  Friends much younger and much older than you are– I think I was hoping for that in my recommendation that if you don’t play– you should.  But I love that she wrote it and sent it to me.


6 responses to “Update/ Houskeeping

  1. I love that you and your sister have a New Yorker book club. And I love all your warm and wonderful images here. Happy new year, my friend.

  2. What a treat to arrive home and see your blog left open on the computer. Felt like I was really coming home, and not even home alone. I appreciate your wisdom, vision and honesty. Seems so courageous to put yourself out there in this way…wow! I’m thrilled to get to see you so soon Laura. 🙂

  3. Isn’t there something kind of better than brand-new about the process of shoring up, starting anew, renewing wonderful gifts (like the New Yorker) & in so doing affirming the process of life? I loved this post (& am late to it).

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