Daily Archives: May 16, 2010

Sunday run

It’s Sunday.  My daughter ran a 5K race today.  Her first.  Her birthday comes next week and every day I cannot believe the time flying by, the things she can do, the things she does do.  I need to be crying all the time, it’s just so lovely and so scary this speedy, speedy passage of time. 

Today’s race was the concluding race of  the season of a program for girls called, Girls On The Run– which trains girls mostly in groups associated with their schools, on issues of health, nutrition, good body image and running.  They prepare for and run a 5K race.  Today was their race.  I want to be very honest here.  It wasn’t elegant here at home.  There was a fight which included raised voices, and other general upset about something as we got ready to leave for the race.  We were all a little off our game by the time we got there.  My daughter was very scared though she wasn’t saying.  And I, who used to be a runner, felt badly that I haven’t taken care of a problem with my foot (which I could take care of if I devoted some real time to it) and I’ve stopped running.  I’m out of shape and I’d really like not to be.  I realized this morning how good it it would have been if I could have run with her.

But run she did– with her team.  She took a bad fall and scraped up her knees and elbow around mile 2.5, but she finished off the race, crossed the finish line and got her medal.  And I got her to pose for a picture with me– my prize.  I’ll keep you posted on whether I start running again.

After the race, daughter and me (and lolipop) Sunday, May 16, 2010