laura writes, a cleaner version of the old title. dumped?

It hit me last week that I might just clean up and simplify the old title a bit and it would be enough.  Or as we say in Hebrew, Dayenu.    And then I did figure out how to find the header page and edit it, which was a something techno that had eluded me.  So I changed it from LauraWrites1’s Blog to laura writes.  All good. 

But now, I may have to dump it.  The new title.  I forgot to Google, but then I did.  Which is sort of like a routine teeth cleaning for a modern writer– simple.  Routine.  Just checking things out.  When I did Google here is what I turned up.  I turned up a Laura Writes blog– by a writer named Laura, a Lisa and Laura Write blog– two sisters who write young adult fiction, a Laura Jane Writes, but can’t think of a clever blog title– zany woman writer about topics I cannot discern, and last but not least a Laura Writes Beauty 🙂 — bargain finds and adventures of a self-professed 19 year old shopaholic.  Oy, this is tougher work than I thought– and most likely not so interesting to a reader.  I’ll give it a rest for a few days, and maybe there will or maybe there won’t be a change.  But sadly, I think I have to give up laura writes.  I’m not even going to ask you to stretch your brain on this one again– it’s one of those things that is really important though utterly unimportant– so you shouldn’t spend 10 more seconds on it.

3 responses to “laura writes, a cleaner version of the old title. dumped?

  1. 1. Writing Laura 2. Writes Laura 3. Writing On My Skin 4. The Writing Laura

    Just a few thoughts!

  2. Such is the life of a writer, my friend!

  3. I’m here through my friend Vicki — looking forward to reading your blog!

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