The big snow day 6

We have entered a different world.  Snow drifts to your waist.  Streets and sidewalks with layers and layers of powdery snow, no matter how often shoveled.  Daughter up until 11:00 p.m.– playing with neighbors in the snow until 10 p.m.  No school all week so far.  Things closed.  Mind a little more turned toward survival, though I don’t believe mine is at stake at all.  But for some it is. 

Exciting, beautiful, a little scary, a lonely feeling some of the time.  In reality I am closer to my neighbors up the street than ever before.  We have called at all hours; been in and out of each other’s homes, asked favors we never asked before.   A close old friend who barely finds time to see me and vice versa– we’ve taken walks and sat at tables for 4 meals in 6 days.  My old friend K. with us from out of town when it all started; but the visit was different, braving the snow together.  A nighttime walk, a trip together to the train station to see him off safely.  A late night walk home with daughter after she played in the snow at the neighbor’s ’til past 10:00.

Tonight we paid two immigrant men to shovel out our car in the back– then asked them in and fixed warm food for them, gave them work gloves.  The gloves are my work; the invitation to sit at our table, my partner’s– though I fixed the warm food. 

Walking home, Wednesday night 11:00 p.m.

daughter, deep in concentration before sled run downhill, Sunday February 7, 2010

Before the sled run, Sunday, February 7, 2010In our neighborhood, more snow. February 10, 2010

One response to “The big snow day 6

  1. A comment from someone who emailed and asked me to post the comment. Her relation to me will become evident. She says:
    I really love the photos…the snow is unbelievable. I know I’ve always been a Jewish mother ever since I became a mother, but really; after admiring the photos and how beautiful my niece is and the snow and all, I thought, in that first picture, why isn’t my niece wearing a hat? So, go figure. love, Judy

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