The big snow

I thought I would do a lot of writing.  Or some.   But instead I’ve shoveled snow, talked to my neighbors.  I’ve walked outside and marveled at the world, changed.  I’ve played a lot with my daughter and her friends, indoors and out.  I’ve gotten to know those girls even better.  It snowed on Friday afternoon and night.  And Saturday.  It snowed.  And snowed.  Our Saturday afternoon walk looked like this.  And with this, I take what is a small step for you digital natives, but a giant leap forward for me.  I upload my first photo onto this blog.

our block February 6, 2010 at 4  p.m.

One response to “The big snow

  1. The human mind is amazing. I too thought I would write, after all, besides shoveling snow, there wasn’t anything else to do outside, but somehow, being forced to stay in had the opposite effect. It made me very anxious, and far from concentrating, I too talked to my neighbors over the shovels, so to speak, and was glued to the weather channel, which told me over and over again what I already knew–that it was snowing!
    I have loved reading your blogs Laura, and I thought the ending racism and the girls basketball entries were especially powerful and moving. I love reading your entries, as they give me a different way of knowing you, although I already know what a wonderful writer you are. Keep going and I will try to keep on talking to you! love, evi

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