Snow day #1. Talk to me.

It’s a snow day here.  School let out early.  I gathered up my daughter and two girls both of whom my daughter and I really like, to spend the afternoon here on this unexpected half day off.  I made lunch.  We all sat and ate and talked.  But other than that, they have games to play and conversations to have, and they are getting along so well, I hardly know what to do with myself.  So I sat down to write.  But I realized that what I really want is for you to write back.

I want to hear from you.  What have you liked (or not)?  Things that are on your mind and you’d like me to write about?  What do these posts make you think of– about young people, women’s friendships, ending racism, schools, other things?  Talk to me.

One response to “Snow day #1. Talk to me.

  1. Dear Laura,
    Monday morning in Seattle, reading through some of your posts, maybe the rest tonight. I am impressed, and not surprised, and delighted. A venue! I have wished for years that your writing would ‘get out there’ somehow – you found a way! Hooray!! I loved what you wrote about L, the great gift of finding a friend and finding ways to stay close. I hope you will show this to some of your daughter’s teachers and her schoolmates’ parents at some point – calling the school community to be reflective.
    As I delve into the world of environmental activism I’ve been thinking about how I used to feel about it: that I’d rather work on civil rights or workers rights or the bill of rights and let the people who don’t care about those issues take care of the part of the project where they feel safe – the environment. A gross generalization… So, have I changed? I tell myself I’ve shifted because we are now aware we’re facing extinction as opposed to the loss of beautiful places. But I sure am glad the environmentalists of past eras have done what they’ve done.
    Looking forward to reading more, having a new way to be close.
    love, Catherine

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