Daily Archives: February 1, 2010

What’s in a name? I need your help.

Ok– I need your help.  You’re still a small group, so the request is all the bigger.  I want to rename this blog from Laurawrites1.  That name relates only to the user name I picked for some extremely practical/logistical reasons having nothing to do with good literature, an identity I wanted for the blog or anything else. 

Now that I’m moving into month 2 (that’s right– today) I think I have to find the right name and change this, send all of you the new name, and then stick with it.

I have thought of things like, Urban Mama; Mama Writes; One Jewish Mom; Writing from the Heart; — they all miss the mark.  I love the name of Susan’s blog–http://readingwritingliving.wordpress.com/  — and that expresses a lot of things about what I am doing and where I want to go, but it’s taken. And it isn’t mine. Which are two separate issues.  Funny is good, but too clever is bad; wears out too soon for me.  Plain is good, but not necessarily.  Snarky is out.  Anyway, I’m stumped.  Ideas?  Send them, via comment or email. 

Once I figure it out, I’ll let you know.  I remind you now (well tell most of you for the first time) of the words of my niece/ god-daughter/ good friend, soon to be 16, who took her middle name as her first name and moved her first to her middle name at age 5.  Her father sent a memorable email in her words, explaining the change.  She said in closing (I always imagined it was aimed mainly at adults and all our rigidities), “I know it will be hard to get used to.  You’ll get used to it.”  And I did.