Daily Archives: January 21, 2010

Digital Native

There is a woman I know, though not at all well.  She’s a teacher at a private school.  We have gotten to know her only through a monthly potluck that she and her husband and now their amazing new daughter– often go to–as do we.  One night over dinner I heard her, engaged in another conversation across the noisy table, use the term, “digital native”.  New to me, but I loved it instantly.  “What does that mean?” I shouted to her. She explained and I understand it this way.  Digital Native.  As in my daughter is, and I am not.  As in daughter takes a new camera that I bought and starts recording a video when I truly didn’t yet know that the camera had that function.  As in, she did this before she could really read– and therefore figured it out without looking at the instruction manual.  Without having seen anyone else using the camera this way.  She’s a digital native.  She speaks the language; it’s in the pathways in her mind.  Me, I’m kind of in digital language immersion school, but I am learning slowly.  And now, enthusiastically. Each post on this blog is like having done the next homework assignment / quiz in my this-semester’s- digital- immersion- class.   My partner, she mostly just asks someone else who she thinks knows the language better than she.

So– soon I will be downloading (or do you upload?) pictures into these posts.  Maybe Youtube clips, maybe clip art, maybe links to things big– like speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King– or small, like an NPR piece pro and con about Amazon’s Kindle– at which time I will weigh in about why I still love hard copy.   I will learn as the expert texters and Twitterers do, to write posts way shorter than 200 hundred words, maybe under 100.  We’ll see.  Shortly.